Silver Camp Online Upgraded!


We have upgraded the Core Silver Camp Online interface to version 2.1. It’s now available in the Camp Trial website located HERE.

The upgrades feature:

  • New interface designed to increase efficiency, decrease load times and increase available viewing space for content.
  • Optimized drop down menus
  • New Calendar controls and features for Camp Events and the Conference Center module
  • Added new home page features such as the Health Center quick-look and User Data
  • Optimized backend database to decrease load times and ensure compatibility with imports

All previous version are still supported 100%. No upgrade is required. As a reminder, incremental patches are free to all clients, however system upgrades such as this one require a reinstall of all the core files on the server, and therefore do have a purchase/setup cost associated with the upgrade. Contact us for more information if you would like to have your account and site upgraded. You can tell what version of the software you have by looking at the copyright at the bottom of the website, the version number will appear directly after the copyright statement.


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