Silver Camp Systems

SCS Solutions Inc is now offering it’s Flagship product: Silver Camp Systems!

SHSprogramlogo1This software package has been designed as a fully integrated Resident/Day Camp Management Solution.  While offering the standard Registration and Forms modules that you’ll find in other software options, Silver Camp System has integrated a full Health Center management system, in to support each camp’s mission to provide the highest quality health and safety for each camper.  We’ve identified a major lack of support in this arena – Care Reports.  While there are a few options out there for digital care reports, their use isn’t widespread and tend to be cost-prohibitive.

Registration systems allow for camps to be able to schedule campers, track their information, track their accounts including charges, credits and payments, and typically allow for some type of form submission.  Our system provides all these functions.  However, as part of our Core package, we also include 2 very unique features – The Health Center and the Parent Portal.

Health Center

We understand the need for a cost-effective solution that allows for quick tracking of your medical professional’s interactions with your campers!  This new system allows your Camp to:

  • Create a record of each intervention in the Health Center
  • Track Vitals and Medications given
  • Track Health Center Supplies used on campers (i.e. bandages)
  • Keep a record of each camper’s daily medications
  • Link to online health forms created outside the program
  • Print Fully Formatted Care Report to send to the Camp Doctor or Urgent Care Center
  • Print End of Session reports for Parents
  • Allow administration to perform Quality Assurance, including tracking of the type of incidents, location of the incidents, and outcomes for each patient – allowing the Camp to identify problem areas where campers are getting hurt, budget for the next season and evaluate the effectiveness of it’s medical staff

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a small downloadable desktop application that is always available to your Parents.

  • Parents can fill out all the required forms directly from their computer.  The first time they have to fill out the forms, it’s approximately a 10 minute process per Camper.  In our experience, this is about the same as other online systems, and is certainly shorter than filling out all the forms by hand.  However, year after year, instead of filling out the information again, the existing information is still there, and simply needs to be checked for accuracy, corrections made, and the forms printed and signed.  Subsequent years will take your parents a few short minutes to ensure all their campers are correct.
  • In addition to Forms, the system also allows parents to dictate Emergency Contacts (and who is authorized to pick up the camper) as well as adding Daily Prescribed Medicines – which integrates directly into the Health Center and allows your Medical Professionals to instantaneously organize their daily administration tasks.
  • A unique feature is the direct registration of campers into Cabins.  Your parents will select available cabins for their campers and complete their registration.  The camper is already scheduled in the Year, Session and Cabin of their choosing, eliminating hours of data entry for your office staff!  Once their registration is complete, they need only make payment.  Several payment options are available to be added to our system at your request.
  • In addition to registration and cabin scheduling, the system also allows your parents to see their account balances, as well as to view in real time any Health Center Interactions that have occurred.  We are also in the development stage for adding the Camp Store purchase items into the Parent Portal for those camps that have purchased the Store Module.

Add-On Modules

In addition to our Core Package, we are offering several modules that Camps can activate.  These modules integrate directly with the rest of the system, and become an interactive part of Managing your Camp.

  • Camp Store: A Lot of camps offer some sort of a store, whether it’s strictly for campers or for visitors as well.  Our Camp store offers inventory control as well as an easy to use Point of Sale system that either deducts funds added to a Camper’s account by their parents, OR handles cash/credit transactions (depending on the payment vendor setup) for visitors.
  • Groups & Retreats: We realize that Camps function year-round, but that registration for resident/day camps may not fit the needs of camps for their weekend retreats and groups.  The Groups module handles those type of requests and transactions.
  • Calendar: A straight forward Calendar module for event scheduling and showing.

At this time, the following Add-On Modules are IN DEVELOPMENT, meaning they are being created, but are not yet ready for activation.  Any camps interested in these modules will be notified as soon as they have been approved for Release:

  • Grounds & Maintenance: Keeping track of Camp Equipment, it’s preventative maintenance, emergency maintenance and replacement schedules can be time consuming and unreliable.  This module will help to track all that, including work/repair orders and replacement costs.
  • Food Service: The Kitchen has a big task multiple times per day.  From Recipes and Menus to Special Dietary needs, the amount of information to track for a Food Service provider that is handled in house can be daunting.  This module is designed to put that information at the fingertips of the users and administrators, while providing budgeting and financial data to administrators to help them plan year-to-year.

We’d love to show you our system during a Live demonstration.  We prefer to come to your site to see what your specific needs are and give you a personalized demonstration, but we are always available to meet through a Webinar (GoToMeeting) to show you the system and discuss your needs.  Please feel free to contact us at any time.


**** NOTE ****

Authorization to use the software varies state-to-state.  Some states have specific requirements for record keeping in your medical centers.  While Silver Health Systems has been designed to be compliant with the most stringent of these requirements, you may be required to obtain permission or a “variance” to use the software at your site.

Silver Camp Systems IS approved for use in all regulated Resident/Day Camps in the State of Wisconsin.  Wisconsin based camps will be provided with the Letter of Approval upon purchase of the software.

SCS Solutions is NOT responsible for ensuring the legal requirements of your state.  We can assist you with this, and we encourage you to contact your state’s agency that handles your camp’s license to verify.  If your state requires a special variance, we will work with you prior to purchase to obtain this variance.  Again, please do not purchase the software unless you are sure it is approved for use in your state, or you have obtained a variance for it’s use.